A Rapidly Changing Landscape

It's no secret that today's motorcycle industry barely resembles the industry of the past.  The notion that a brick and mortar dealer can experience great success without the support of an e-commerce presence of some sort is simply incorrect.  In today's world, ease of business and instant gratification is imperative to maintain the relationships you have with your customer base.
A few years back there were still a few consumers that were prone to call in an order or shop in traditional methods.  In the last 5 years with the improvement in the capabilities of cell phones, this number has decreased dramatically.  I always say if my 73-year-old father is doing it most people are probably up to speed now, and my dad seems to spend more time on his phone than my teenage daughter.  Currently the average consumer is using their cell phone for almost 50% of their internet purchasing.  The technological advances that have transpired in the last 5 years have had a major effect on how people are shopping and acquiring things they need.  That combined with the increased capabilities of e-commerce giants like Amazon® make shopping on your phone a common practice for most.  There is no denying that it's a changing world out there and you have to adapt or you simply will not survive.
In this ever-changing world keeping up with the times is difficult.  A retailer in any market has to play in all the arenas in order to stay on top.  Traditional marketing techniques simply will not cut it.  Today’s retailers need to have great branding practices, understand the market they are in, know the customers they serve and know how to speak to them. Having a website is one portion of the puzzle but in a world where content is king, having a maintained social media presence and producing relevant content for your customers is imperative.

The old days are over. Today's retailers, dealers and brands are competing on a world scale and if you want to survive you have to adapt, it's really that simple. No more one trick ponies, no more success based on necessity. You have to offer the full package in today's market if you have any chance at success.