Product Development

With over 20 years of experience, we can offer solutions and insight into creating the motorcycle products you desire. We have developed everything from oil and chemicals lines to bolt-on accessories and performance products. Whatever it is you are looking for we can help bring it to market and help you avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls that so often keep great products from being released.

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Branding Solutions

Do you have an existing brand that is not performing or do you have an idea for a brand and don't know what steps to take to bring it to market? Are you trying to stand out in a crowd of competitors?

Branding is not something that happens by mistake, it's a process that can ensure the success of the items you sell and protect it from those who would like to take your market. Proper branding techniques are the difference between success and failure. With years of experience and many successful brands developed in the motorcycle industry, we know branding and understand it's importance. Let us help you. A little planning in the beginning can mean all the difference down the road.

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Merchandising Expertise

Do you have products on the market and want to see larger profit margins with less expense? Are you familiar with assortment plans and understand how they can help guide your business and limit your expenses? Do you have a pricing strategy to make sure you are obtaining your customer? Do you need help understanding your current assortment plan how to identify trends within it to ensure a successful future?

It's not rocket science and many people would have you believe it is. With a few basic steps you can take control of your business trajectory and gain a better understanding of what key performance indicators you need to oversee to succeed. Gain a better understanding of your products and how they stand up against your competition.


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Since 1993

Who We Are

Simply Sound Consulting was founded by Lowell Anderson to help business owners in the motorcycle industry succeed. Working in the motorcycle industry for over 20 years, Lowell understands that many of the business owners and operators in the motorcycle industry are true motorcycle enthusiasts, but few of them are formally trained in business practices used by all successful companies across a variety of industries.

Lowell brings a straightforward approach to your issues and provides simple solutions and proven practices to help you succeed. With a diverse background in all aspects of the motorcycle industry including product development, management, marketing, and brand building, we provide practical solutions to your problems without draining your wallet or your time.


Lowell Anderson started his career as a senior manager for KTM North America Inc., where he was responsible for designing, developing and marketing all the KTM hard parts and clothing for the KTM Hard Equipment® product line. Lowell later transitioned to J&P Cycles which is the largest retailer of aftermarket parts and accessories for Harley Davidson® motorcycles. During his time at J&P Cycles, Lowell served in multiple roles including Director of Marketing, Director of Merchandising, and Director of Private Label brands. Later Lowell transitioned to Tucker Rocky Distributing and was Director of Private Label brands there. The brands under his direction included BikeMaster®, Jack Daniels Motorcycle Parts®, Biker's Choice®, and Twin Power®.




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